Spectator Guidelines


All spectators are welcome to join us during any of our matches, after all that's where basically all Cowboy Action Shooters come from.  We were once spectators ourselves, and at the time we were received warmly with handshakes and smiles.  We would like to continue that tradition, so, if you do decide to drop in you can expect the same reception.

There are a few basic concepts that every spectator must be aware of.  Cowboy Action Shooting is a "shooting" sport, where competitors fire live ammunition from real firearms.  So SAFETY is our primary goal, we do not wish to see anybody get hurt.  Therefore, if someone tells you not to do something because it is not safe, please respect the instructions and comply.  This is for everyone's benefit.

At every Rifle/Handgun Range there are safety rules, these rules are similar in nature but vary somewhat from range to range.  Some spectators may be familiar with firearms and with range rules, and you may even be a member of the Cap-Pele Gun Range.  For those of you who are not as informed, please read through the Cap-Pele Range Rules.

In addition to the Range Rules, every organized shooting competition has it's own safety rules that we must adhere to.  The following is a summary of those rules as they pertain to spectators.  Please read them carefully.


  1. All spectators are required to wear proper eye and hearing protection while near the designated shooting areas.
  1. All spectators must follow the Range Officer's directions or they will be asked to leave the Competition area.
  1. All spectators must remain behind the shooting line.  Do not advance past the designated viewing area, if unsure ask for clarification.
  1. Children must have adult supervision at all times.
  1. All pets must be on a leash or secured in a vehicle.
  1. Only eligible competitors are allowed to carry firearms, if you bring your own firearms leave them locked in your vehicle.
  1. Do not handle anyone's gear or firearms until you ask and receive permission first, this is a safety concern as well as just polite behaviour.
  1. No alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed, no one under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be permitted in the competition area.
  1. Keep the range clean, no littering.
  1. You are visiting the range AT YOUR OWN RISK.

In addition to these rules we ask all spectators to make an effort to introduce yourselves to the Cowboy Shooters, we would like to meet you but sometimes we are a little busy with the match
that we may not notice a new face in the crowd.

Also, we know it's not always practical but, if possible please dress in a western/cowboy style,
it adds to the fun.