New Shooter Clinics


The BBRR matches are not designed to be a training ground for new shooters.  Every competitor who shows up at a BBRR match is expected to have a certain level of knowledge and competence in regards to the rules and firearms involved with a Cowboy Action Shooting match.  Our New Shooter Clinics are designed to introduce people to the sport and bring them up to an acceptable level of proficiency.  We acknowledge that people who join Cowboy Action Shooting will have an extensive history with firearms, including handguns, either through other forms of competition or by their respective profession.  Some will have no experience what-so-ever, and a few will fall somewhere in between.  We feel it is in the interest of everyone's safety, and peace of mind, that all new CAS shooters undergo some basic instruction specific to Cowboy Action Shooting. 

The purpose of our New Shooter Clinics is to review the SASS Shooters Handbook with you, plus any supplemental BBRR rules.  We will explain the match formats and various jobs/tasks, as well as proper etiquette associated with a CAS match. You will be given hands on training on the proper handling of all the firearms involved during all stages of a CAS match.  This includes, unpacking, carrying, handling, loading, competing, unloading, watching from the gallery, and packing up at the end of the day.  We will then conduct a couple of stages to simulate a CAS Match.  After which you will be eligible to compete in one of our matches.  There is a small fee associated, simply to cover the cost of the ammunition you use.

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