Rules and Formats


All matches at the Double B Ranch are conducted according to the SASS rules as best as we understand them.  However, in an effort to promote the sport among the local shooters we have made some minor adjustments to the SASS rules, they will be explained later in this article.  If you notice any deviations please bring it to our attention and we will address it as best as we can. 

Notices & Changes
Our goal is to host monthly CAS matches on the second Saturday of each month from May to November.  These matches are listed on the Club Matches and the Local CAS Events pages.  Sometimes the weather does not cooperate and sadly we are forced to re-schedule or even cancel certain events.  We will make an effort to notify all registered competitors of any cancellations through email, plus we will post any new info on the website for the people who are not registered competitors (late entries, friends, spectators).  Please check the website, Local CAS Events,  the night before each match for last minute changes.

Main Matches & Side Matches
At every BBRR match we will have a "Main Match" and if time and weather permit, we will hold some "Side Matches".  Each Main Match will be according to the SASS rules, as best as we understand them, the rules for the Side Matches will be spelled out in the individual stage descriptions.

The Main Match will consist of 4 - 6 stages, each utilizing all three types of firearms (pistol, rifle and shotgun).  The targets will be of SASS recommended dimensions and distances, and all categories will be recognized. (see details below). We will process the scores and determine the winner by using the "RANK" scoring system. If we decide to use "TOTAL SCORES" we will announce it prior to the start of the match. 

The Side Matches will vary in design.  Some will require one - two - or three types of firearms, the targets may be unconventional and set at greater distances.  Plus some stages will be designed to have teams.  The firearm requirements and categories will be dictated by the Stage Description, most of the side matches are designed with the Main Match firearms in mind to promote maximum participation.

Matches - Club vs Invitational
Most of our matches will simply be a club match where we will have access to one handgun bay and can therefore only accommodate one posse.  This means, due to time, the more people we have the less stages we will be able to run.  Presently we can run 5 stages with 15 shooters and still finish at a reasonable time (4pm). We are not trying to discourage anyone from coming, but, you have to be aware of our limitations during the club matches.

In the month of August, usually the second weekend, we will hold our Annual Invitational Match.  At this time we will have access to the whole range and can therefore easily accommodate 40 shooters and run 5 stages plus side matches.  Sometime in the future we hope to organize a two day event (Sat & Sun) with 10-12 stages.  If you are only planning on attending one of our matches throughout the year, this is the one to go to.  Any new information regarding this event will be posted on the website on the Local CAS Events and the Club Matches pages.

Clothing and Equipment - SASS vs BBRR
The rules in the SASS handbooks regarding firearms, holsters (rigs), clothing, and any accessories are clear, albeit a bit too detailed at times.  Here at the Double B Ranch we follow those rules, if it's legal in SASS it's legal here.  If you have any questions, or if you are unsure about a certain rule or piece of equipment, feel free to ask one of us and we'll do our best to clear things up.

Posse Sizes - Work Share
During a CAS match there are certain jobs that must be done to make things flow smoothly.  We don't employ a staff so we have to rely on the competitors to pitch in.  There are 7 different jobs for each posse, there's the RO (or time keeper), score keeper (or stage driver), loading officer and unloading officer and then there's the three counters.  Then you have to realize that we would have a shooter on the line, another one loading and another one unloading, for a total of 10 positions.  For this reason you can expect our average posse size to be at least 10, we prefer 12-15, this will give people a chance to relax and socialize a bit.  So don't be surprised if you are asked to help out on occasion, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

At some of the larger SASS events (End of Trail and various State Championships) you will find upwards of 1000 competitors.  In this part of the world there are only about 50 active CAS competitors in all, and we have never had them all show up at one match.

There are many categories listed in the SASS handbooks, and the BBRR Categories will reflect all of them.  However, there are quite a few categories that are not currently populated by the local shooters.  Most local shooters register in the Age Based categories and compete using the standard two-handed style. 

Currently the only Style Based categories that shooters are registering in are, Duelist, Classic Cowboy and B-Western.  There doesn't seem to be any interest in the other categories, we do have a few cowboys shooting black powder but they only register in the Age Based categories, that may change this year.

We do place some restrictions on younger shooters and less experienced shooters, anyone less than 19 years old ,or anyone who has attended less than 5 recognized matches are required to shoot using the standard Two-Handed style.  This sometimes affects the minimum age for shooters in the style based categories.  This is a BBRR rule only, it is imposed for safety reasons.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

BBRR Categories
The more this sport grows the more ideas sprout up for new categories.  As our compliment of Cowboy Shooters grow older there is a need for new age based categories to accommodate them.  There are also some new style based categories that are becoming popular with other clubs and are currently being shot at various State Championships, it is difficult to keep track of them all.  In an attempt to adhere as close as possible to SASS rules we will recognize the same categories as offered in the SASS Shooters Handbook as well as those at the June 2012 "End of Trail" National Championship. 

The BBRR Age Based categories are:

Young Guns, Lady Young Guns (14-18)
Cowboy, Cowgirl, (19-35)
Wrangler, Lady Wrangler, (36-48)
49er, Lady 49er, (49-59)
Senior, Lady Senior, (60-64)
Silver Senior, Lady Silver Senior, (65-69)
Elder Statesman, Grande Dame, (70+)

Anybody registering for a BBRR match will automatically be placed into an Age Based category.  We require a minimum of two shooters per category to award a certificate.  If only one shooter registers for a particular category we may arbitrarily move them to the next (younger) category to promote competition and facilitate awards.  Competitors may elect to shoot any style in the Age Based categories except Gunfighter, most competitors use the standard Two-Handed style.  Also, due to the fact we have a minimum age rule set at 14, we do not recognize the Buckaroo category.  However, we do make provisions for individuals to compete with .22lr firearms and .410 Shotguns in the Young Guns category when the need arises.

The BBRR Style Based categories are:

Duelist, Lady Duelist (19+)
Senior Duelist, Lady Senior Duelist (60+)
Classic Cowboy, Classic Cowgirl (19+)
B-Western, Lady B-Western (14+)
Frontiersman, Lady Frontiersman (19+)
Frontier Cartridge, Lady Frontier Cartridge (14+)
Frontier Cartridge Duelist, Lady Frontier Cartridge Duelist (19+)
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, Lady Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter  (19+)
Gunfighter, Lady Gunfighter (19+)
Senior Gunfighter, Lady Senior Gunfighter (60+)

Anybody registering in a Style Based category will be expected to know, and follow,  the rules and requirements for their category.  They will also be automatically entered into their respective Age Based category, at no extra cost, for consideration of additional certificates (except Gunfighters). 

As of the 2013 season we will only be printing and distributing certificates during our Annual Invitational Match in August. At that time all participants will receive at least one certificate in recognition of their accomplishments and/or participation. During the regular Club Matches throughout the year we will announce and publish the results for all to see. The main goal of the BBRR, as it pertains to certificates, is to recognize the accomplishments of the competitors by awarding as many certificates as we can in as many different categories as we can.  Therefore, we will recognize the top shooter in each category, plus the top three Overall shooters for the day.  As stated earlier, we require a minimum of two shooters per category for presentation of certificates.  We also reserve the right to combine some Age Based categories so shooters don't find themselves isolated. 

From time to time the BBRR purchase items for prizes, and sometimes we are fortunate to have some donated to us by the local merchants.  In an effort of NOT placing too much emphasis on the actual competition, we do not award these prizes according to winners and losers.  All prizes are distributed by random draw.  Sometimes the draw is conducted through the purchase of tickets, the more you buy the greater the chance of winning.  Sometimes we simply draw according to the competitors roster, where everyone gets one chance.  This system promotes a sense of fair play and prevents us from awarding the prizes to a select few shooters who are the predominate winners. 


If you have any questions about any of the events, rules, categories or scheduling please give us a holler. 
You can find our contact info throughout the website.

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