Our club is still growing, we now have 19 members. All of us are competitors now, some of us have shifted in our respective category. There seems to be a lot of interest in the Classic Cowboy category, must be the fancy clothes.

We are happy with how our club has been received in the local CAS community and appreciate all the support. We feel our club would benefit with more members so we will be actively recruiting this year. If you are the least bit interested in learning more about us please send us an email.

Below you will find a list of our members with photos and details.

BBRR Members Only Section



Frenchy Alias: Frenchy Cannuck
Club President - SASS Contact - Range Boss
SASS # 86789

cutter Alias: Capt. Henry Cutter
Secretary/Treasurer - Range Boss
SASS # 85380

clancy Alias: Clancy
Range Boss
SASS # 81385

silverado Alias: Silverado Jack
Range Boss
SASS # 88090

Joe Alias: Joe Boot
Range Boss
SASS # 83729

Belly Alias: Wounded Belly
Territorial Governor - Range Boss
SASS # 67078

Doc Alias: Doc McGillicuddy
Range Boss
SASS # 93946

rev Alias: Reverend Ben
Range Boss
SASS # 86528

lefty Alias: Lefty James
Range Boss
SASS # 94324

Ace Alias: Ace Holder
Range Boss
SASS # 94589

kitty Alias: Miss Kitty
Ranch Hand

slick Alias: Slick Marcus
Top Hand
SASS # 93640

the kid Alias: Kid Cameron
Top Hand
SASS # 86529

Blackrock Alias: Black Rock Kid
Top Hand
SASS # 95826

major Alias: Old Major
Honourary Member
SASS # 94550

diamond Alias: Diamond Glo
Honourary Member
SASS # 95105

serenity Alias: Serenity
Honourary Member

legendary Alias: Legendary Lawman
Honourary Member

stryker Alias: Colonel Stryker
SASS # 95123