Welcome to The

Double B Ranch

What's the latest BBRR news?

2017 proved to be another successful year for the BBRR.

2017 also marked our seventh THREE DAY ANNUAL MATCH. Good times were had by all. We sincerely hope that everyone had a great time and we hope all the cowboys and cowgirls return this August for some more fun.

We also conducted another raffle for a Savage rifle (Win .243). We would like to extend our many thanks to Green Diamond Outfitters for donating the rifle and say congratulations to Frenchy Cannuck for buying the lucky ticket!

2018 may start off a bit slow due to the weather. Our first match is scheduled for May 19, (May 12 was not available because Garda had booked the range). Our schedule this year has been posted, we are still finalizing a few dates so check back soon to see if there are any new matches scheduled. See the Local Events page for details.

We have another THREE DAY ANNUAL MATCH planned for August 3-4-5. It's our biggest event of the year so if you are planning on joining us for just one match that would be the best match to do so. See the Double B Shootout page for more details.

And be sure to reserve some space on your calendar for more 'old west' fun.

What's new at the Cap Pele Range?

The new owners are constantly in the process of improving the facilities at the range. They have completed construction on a new Handgun Bay which is now certified for 25 metres. This may speed things up with the regular CAS matches now that we have access to two bays.

The next project on the list is to construct permanent washroom facilities. We hope this we be completed by by the end of 2018. Checkout the Cap Pele Gun Range website for more details.

What's new with the 2018 website?

No big changes this year, as you can see the main menu has nothing added.
If anyone has any ideas please send them along.